Yes, you can book airline tickets using your American Express Membership Rewards points.

If you call AMEX directly, they will recommend that you use your points to buy an airline ticket through them directly, for a penny a point. That means a $5,000 Business Class ticket to Europe would cost 500,000 American Express points.

But there’s another option. A better option.

American Express partners with many airlines, and you can transfer your points to those airlines’ frequent flyer program to book an award ticket. However, finding award seats for “saver” miles is challenging, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible. But we’re very successful at it. Doing it our way, we often use 125,000 AMEX points for that same $5,000 ticket. That’s a savings of 75%! Or, putting it another way, instead of using 500,000 points for one Business Class ticket, we can book four Business Class tickets, valued at $20,000. Now that’s providing value for your points!

We take your AMEX points further! Contact us to learn how.