Yes, you can get all the way to Australia using points, and travel in comfort while you’re at it! From the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef to the glowing red rocks of Uluru, and the famed Sydney Opera House, it’s all within reach!

AwardTickets: 160,000—300,000 points
AMEX/Chase: 500,000—900,000 points
Airlines: 400,000+ points

Australia by AwardTickets: A Point-Travel Success Story

Our Client’s Challenge: Insufficient points in a single reward program

  • This client requested two round-trip Business Class tickets from east coast of U.S. to Sydney, returning from Auckland. She had 80,000 Chase points and 450,000 AMEX points in separate accounts.
  • AMEX informed her the journey would require 2 million AMEX points.

The AwardTickets Solution: Transfer points for best value

  • For the outbound flight, we obtained a one-stop flight, via Asia, by moving 80,000 points per person from AMEX to Aeroplan.
  • For the non-stop return flight, we moved 60,000 Chase points to United (30,000 each), topping up with cash ($650 coach ticket + $600 upgrade fee).

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